B-GAP is an extension of NJSBDC's core services:

Consulting, Training and Research.

B-GAP was designed for the small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that have gotten beyond the initial growing pains of starting their business. The companies participating in this program have already established a solid revenue base ($1 million or more) and/or have a few employees (10 or more) to assist with day-to-day operations while the owner or the senior management team explores strategic opportunities for growth and profitability. 

If your business is not yet at the threshold for the ideal B-GAP client, explore the services offered by NJSBDC. The same strategic approach  for  growth and profitability is available through its regular services. 

B-GAP is a three-part process as described below.

All B-GAP clients have full access to all the services of NJSBDC.



Reality - Vision = GAP

The critical first step in any Strategic Planning initiative is to determine an objective baseline from which your business will grow. The B-GAP process begins with an extensive questionnaire to determine the business' current situation to identify both impediments to growth and possible opportunities with high-return outcomes.



A Lead Advisor will be assigned to your business and conduct an in-depth analysis of the data that you collected/provided. The Lead Advisor will identify critical success factors to determine a cogent and  strategically-based Plan of Action. As necessary, additional NJSBDC resources may be engaged to facilitate the  rapid execution of your custom game plan.



B-GAP's project-based methodology generates quick measurable results. Rather than spending time writing a Strategic Plan, you are immediately expected to execute a strategically-based project of short duration (6-8 weeks). With concentrated effort, projects with high-value returns are quickly completed and generate motivation to continue implementation of strategically directed tasks.