Loan Advisor Program

We are working with several Lending Partners to have periodic "Meet the Lenders" program in our territory. Please check back here frequently to see when the next event is scheduled.

In the meantime ...

Check out our Premier Lending Partners

Our list of Premier Lending Partners will soon occupy this space. These are lenders who are committed to providing the  best SBA lending service and support to our B-GAP clients.

Be sure to check back here to get a direct link to our partners who have your best interest in mind. Our premier lender has committed quick turnaround re: likelihood of obtaining financing.

Get Your Financial Data in Order
Discover Your Business Lending Profile

If you don't know how much lending you might qualify for, you should check out this tool which will give you a read out of:

  • Red flags in your business profile that may restrict the amount or type of loan you qualify for 

  • Steps you can take to improve your attractiveness to lenders

  • Types of loans you may qualify for immediately

  • Size of the loan you may qualify for now

 ... and much, much more

To be prepared for your visit with the Loan Advisor, you'll need to have all your paperwork in order. All the requirements are listed in the Required Action on the calendar to your left. Here's a summary for your convenience prior to scheduling with the Loan Advisor.

Understand that you will have to provide any lender with the following minimum information when you submit an application. You should assemble this information and bring it with you to the appointment.

  1. Certificate of formation

  2. 2 years of personal tax returns for ALL owners of the business

  3. 2 years of business tax returns & latest quarter's financial statements (balance sheet & P&L statement)

  4. Business Plan for start-ups with less than 2 years of operation

  5. Financial Projections for next 2 years – as follows:

    • Income Statement (P&L); first year must be monthly & quarterly thereafter

    • Cash Flow, monthly year 1 & quarterly thereafter

    • Balance Sheet (beginning balance sheet and ending for 2 years)

  6. Copies of pending agreements, e.g., leases, buy-sell agreements, etc.

  7. Evidence of owner(s) contribution (equity cash) to the total project

  8. Copy of operating agreement

  9. Evidence that business is current on all taxes (income, sales & payroll)