Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to partcipate in B-GAP?

There is no direct cost to you to participate in the full B-GAP program, if: 1. you are a Northwest NJSBDC client, 2. meet the participation criteria and 3. agree to the Commitment Agreement. This is a service currently provided through your federal and state tax dollars at work for you through Northwest NJSBDC. However if you are not a NJSBDC client, do not meet the participate criteria or do not sign the Commitment Agreement, then there may be an alternative program for which a processing fee is charged. Check out the OAO2 program. This alternative to B-GAP does not provide consulting/counseling based on the Assessment.

How can I participate in B-GAP?

To participate in the full B-GAP program, you must:

  1. Be an NJSBDC client and
  2. Meet the Participation Criteria and
  3. Sign the Participation Commitment
You must complete a Request to Participate and be accepted by the B-GAP Advisors.

What are the Participation Criteria for B-GAP?

To participate in B-GAP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have revenue of $1 million or more
  • Have 10 or more employees
  • Sign the Participation Agreement
If you don't meet these criteria, you may wish to check out another program which includes the B-GAP Assessment. Check out the Operational Assessment ONLY Option (OAO2).

Can I be part of the B-GAP if my company doesn't meet the Participation Criteria?

The full B-GAP program is only available to those business that meet the criteria and make the required Participation Commitment. So the short answer is no you may not be a B-GAP participant. B-GAP was designed for SMBs that have gotten beyond the initial start-up phase and have adequate resources to adhere to the Particpation Commitment. If you don't meet these criteria, you may wish to check out another program which includes the B-GAP Assessment. Check out the Operational Assessment ONLY Option (OAO2) for which you will be required to pay a processing fee.

What are my alternatives if I can't become a B-GAP client/participant?

The following alternatives are available through Northwest NJSBDC for non B-GAP clients/participants.

  • As an NJSBDC client, you are eligible for the standard repetoire of SBDC services or
  • You can participate in the Operational Assessment ONLY Option (OAO2)
The Operational Assessment ONLY Option (OAO2) allows interested businesses to take the assessment and receive a summary report for a processing fee. But you are NOT eligible to receive consulting/counseling services through NW-NJSBDC. Also the report will NOT contain recommendations for Quick Fixes or projects to stimulate accelerated growth.

What is the Operational Assessment ONLY Option (OAO2) program?

This option is built upon the Assessment Tool central to Northwest NJSBDC's Business Growth Accelerator Protocol B-GAP. However, use of the Assessment Tool by non-particpating businesses requires a processing fee to help defray the costs associated with B-GAP's on-going development. There is NO conulting/counseling provided with OAO2. Use of the B-GAP repository of tools by OAO2 participants may also carry fees.

What are the fees for the OAO2 program, the alternative to B-GAP?

The fee for OAO2 participants depends on your company's status as an SMB in NJ or elsewhere. If the business is, or has been, an NJSBDC client, but does not currently meet the B-GAP criteria or or is unwilling to accept the B-GAP commitment, the standard fees for for OAO2 may be discounted.

Can I use B-GAP for one of my clients instead of my own business/company?

Northwest NJSBDC deals directly with business owners and does NOT support organizations, businesses or consultants/advisors on a client's behalf. As such the development of B-GAP was costly and the sevices provided are highly valued in the business community. We do provide partnership opportunties for NW-NJSBDC partners, sponsors and affiliates. Call at 908-269-8475 or send an e-mail to Dolores Stammer to discuss further collaborative opportunities.