Assessment Overview

The B-GAP Assessment:

  • Contains 5 distinct sections

  • Is designed as a baseline of the business'current situation.


Take full advantage of the power of B-GAP by:

  • Completing all sections of the Assessment.


You will get a:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and

  • Strategically-directed plan of action.


You may have to complete it in stages as you collect the necessary information so we've broken it into sections for your convenience..


But first, you must complete the application below.

Assessment Process
Initial Intake:
Basic Business Information & Structure -
Must be completed as a single unit.
Available to all NJSBDC clients, but does NOT automatically qualify the business for B-GAP
Functional Assessment:
Functional Areas - 
With the consent of the B-GAP Advisor, these sections may be completed sequentially, however a full Situational Report will not be available. The process will lose its strategic advantage and reduce the overall economic benefit to the business. The client will also relinquish expedited services for "fast-tracked" project completion.

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Participation Criteria

Participation criteria have been established because of the intensive work and resources required over a prescribed period of time. 

Company Size

  • Revenues $1 million & above


  • # Employees = 10 or more

Company Status

Existing business beyond the initial start-up phase with a track record

Management Commitment

Serious about improving company operations in a strategic approach as demonstrated by:

  • Completion of the B-GAP Assessment Tool 

  • Providing all required documentation

  • Agreement to work with B-GAP Advisor a minimum of 6 hours over the next 3 months

  • Agreement to undertake/complete strategic projects as identified from Assessment Evaluation

  •  Commit resources (staff and funds) to project(s) implementation to expedite completion in 6-8 weeks


If NOT an existing NJSBDC client, you must be registered as a client. Complete the e-RFC (Request for Consulting). You will be directed to the

B-GAP Implementation Center.

All your projects will be coordinated with your local SBDC Center Advisor.

What's Next?


Your application will be reviewed within 3 business days and you will be notified of your status for inclusion into the B-GAP program. 

Once accepted, you will receive detailed instructions on:

  • How to access/complete the full Assessment;

    • The full assessment is comprised of the 5 sections in the  buttons to the right: Initial Intake, Operations, Marketing, Financial Management and Strategic Planning.​

    • The sections can be accessed by clicking on the buttons to the right, but only if you've been approved to access the Members Only pages, i.e, are an approved B-GAP client.

  • How to access your Secure Client Portal (SCP) for uploading documents;

  • When to schedule your initial B-GAP session;

  • How projects will be identified and implemented.