NW-NJSBDC created B-GAP for ALL Businesses in NJ 

NW-NJSBDC focuses on SMBs in Morris, Sussex & Warren counties

Northwest NJSBDC (NW-NJSBDC) represents an interesting mixture of rural, retail,  professional and industrial businesses. Our staff is prepared to handle the diverse skill/experience of the business owners participating in industries ranging from agriculture to biomedical research to consumer products/services.


Essentially all SBDCs throughout the US provide 3 Core Services:

Consulting, Training and Research.


These services are available to all small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in all industry categories.  So even if your business is not a candidate for B-GAP, your business can obtain advice, training and research from our experts.  


In addition to the Core Services, B-GAP is available to all qualified businesses in NJ. 

Northwest NJSBDC

One of 12 centers in New Jersey, the NW-NJSBDC serves small businesses in Morris, Sussex & Warren counties. It supports both established businesses and those just starting out. No business is too small and very few are too large. 

NW-NJSBDC is the  go-to resource for advancing your business to the next level. 

Knowing the importance of Strategic Planning, coupled with our expertise at implementation, we created a methodology for established businesses to grow rapidly.  The B-GAP process relies on strategic principles to identify projects with high-value outcomes. The drive to measurable results bypasses the conventional strategic planning method (creating a large document); too often the PLAN sits on the shelf while opportunities disappear.


The B-GAP process addresses all critical business areas, identifies short-term projects with high returns and facilitates their implementation, thus assuring success. Our experienced NW-NJSBDC staff and its cadre of functional area experts make this possible.

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